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The End of Phone Addiction

About the App

Are you done with lacking control over your phone? Lower your Screen Time now and save valuable time of up to 65%.

We intervene when it matters and direct you to conscious phone usage.



Elqi intervenes before you go on social media, reactivating the conscious part of your brain to prevent Doom Scrolling.

Lower your Screen Time by 65%

With our recent tests we have found out that Elqi can drive down your Screen Time by up to 65%.

Save Valuable Lifetime

Win back years of your life by limiting your Screen Time with Elqi.

Monitor Your Progress

See how much time you saved with our Lifetime Analysis tools on the app.

Why People Love Us

The test version helped me to lower my weekly phone usage by 2 hours daily!


25, London

I was able to focus much better on my thesis when I had to write it. Now I use Instagram only 30 min per day and Elqi helps a lot.


26, Valencia

I use Elqi since I am trying to focus better at work. I have issues with with TikTok and Instagram but Elqi is minimising it a lot.


25, Berlin

I had my issues with TikTok but once I downloaded Elqi it was almost too easy to resist the Doom Scrolling urges.


26, London

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